Chili Mill

Product Number:

48970 (Black & Stainless Steel)

Product Description/Characteristics:

  • Signature, razor-sharp, photo-etched Microplane stainless steel blades - Made in USA
  • Effortless and precise grating for superior results
  • For best results, fill dried chilies to at least 1/3 of the cavity
  • Essential oils are released to enhance flavor
  • Luxury silk feel grip for comfort and stability
  • Precise pressure ™ - Engineered Tension Spring for optimum applied pressure to chilies
  • Handy Silicone Cover included to avoid mess when not in use
  • Measurements: 5,5 cm x 5,5 cm x 21 cm
  • Easy to clean: Dishwasher Safe

With the Microplane Chili Mill you can quickly and easily grate a variety of dried chilies in no time and with no effort. The signature, razor-sharp, photo-etched Microplane stainless steel blades - Made in USA – grate the chilies evenly and precisely so the essential oils can develop optimally and taste is enhanced!
With a luxurious silk feel grip for comfort and stability, the Chili Mill is incredibly easy to use.  Hold on to the stainless steel ring and turn to open. Place the dried chilies in the cavity and click the top back into place. The Precise Pressure™ Engineered Tension Spring applies optimum pressure to the dried chilies for perfect grating.

By gently turning the handle/top clockwise, you get finely grated chilies flakes and depending on the dosage, you can get a delicate aroma or add more heat and wonderful depth of flavor to a wide range of sweet and savory dishes. 
There is a handy silicone cap included that prevents fine spice dust from spreading to the table and worktop after the Mill was in use. This is especially useful when the chili mill is put on the table for seasoning the food at the table.                                                                                                                        

Add a punch of heat to a pasta sauce, spice up an eggy breakfast or add a gentle warmth to a rich chocolate cake. Enjoy!

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