Large Shaver

Grating Result:

Create visually appealing dishes by adding beautiful shaved pieces of food. The Large Shaver blade creates wide but extremely fine shavings. The beautiful shavings not only make a visually stunning impression but also create an individual and intense texture of flavor.

Foods & Dishes:

Shavings of cheeses ideally used for garnishing various appetizers, like a beef carpaccio, a Caesar salad or a Panini sandwich. Perfect for slices of garlic for a lemon garlic chicken dish or any Italian dishes. For the sweet tooth, fast shavings of chocolate are ideal for baking recipes and garnishing desserts. This blade is perfect for shavings for decorating dishes and making the dish an eye-catcher!

This blade style is available in the following series:

Gourmet- and Professional-Series

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Other Blades

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