The classic, tasty cheese from Italy is produced under stringent conditions and is a true quality product. Depending on how old the cheese is, it tastes more or less salty and spicy and is a delicious ingredient for many dishes. It is said to have many good effects on the body. Rich in calcium, vitamin D, proteins and minerals it is low in cholesterol and lactose and thus, a treat for everyone. We have put together ideas that can inspire you. Try these out!

Our entire range of graters are able to grate Parmesan or other hard cheese effortlessly. With the zester, the fine and coarse blade you can create delicate, thin strips that not only enhance the appearance of the dish but also further enhance the taste of many pasta or risotto dishes. Carbonara for example is wonderfully suited for fine grated parmesan as the cheese beautifully dissolves in to the sauce.

Homemade pesto can also be cooked savory with fine grated cheese. When using the star blade, the result is even finer. If you want to conjure up a delicate, crisp crust for Gratins like lasagna or casseroles like Parmigiana, these blades are ideal.

With the ribbon blade, the cheese is grated into fine, wider strips, which can be excellent on fried snow peas or over other vegetables and on risotto or pasta.

With the extra coarse blade, one creates elongated, julienne similar pins, which are ideal for Caesar salad or pizza. The large shaver creates wider shaves of cheese that are great way to serve on carpaccio.