Our Brand Portfolio

Microplane has grown to be a household name in kitchenware all over the globe. We have offices located throughout the world, serving some countries direct and with other markets being covered by our many global distribution partners.

Whilst our portfolio through innovation continues to develop and grow, we maintain our strict product performance standards ensuring each product is delivering the experience you can expect from the Microplane brand.



By now, cooking aficionados worldwide are familiar with the story: A housewife commandeers one of her husband’s favorite woodworking tools and discovers it effortlessly produces the lightest, most wonderful orange zest she could have ever imagined. Next, after much consumer input and understanding of the challenges chefs face in the kitchen, an entire new product line of graters for home cooks and professional chefs was introduced. Since that time, Microplane graters have distinguished themselves from other graters by using that signature chemical process to create ultra-sharp cutting edges. Unlike stamped graters, they effortlessly cut through hard and soft foods without tearing or shredding.



Effective foot care for baby soft feet - without time consuming pre-soaking. The excellent quality and functionality of Microplane®'s innovative foot files delight customers worldwide

For more information, please contact our customer service team: info@microplaneintl.com



Effective and efficient woodworking tools for a range of specific wood working tasks. Excellent quality woodworking tools that create a more pleasant working experience.

For more information, please contact our customer service team: info@microplaneintl.com