Bowl Grater

Product Number:

41708 (Petrol Green / Stainless Steel)


Perfect for:


Product Description / Characteristics:

  • Designed to fit in various positions inside or on-top of your favorite mixing bowl
  • Grate & Rice vegetables straight into a bowl
  • Ideal for cauliflower, zucchini, cabbage, potato, beetroot, soft cheese, apple and more
  • Ultra-sharp, photo-etched, stainless steel Extra Coarse Blade- Made in USA
    • Effortless grating for superior results
    • Foods are precisely cut without ripping or tearing
    • The natural aroma is released to enhance flavour
  • Two rounded & non-slip soft-touch handles
  • Easy cleaning. Simply rinse under running water
  • Dishwasher safe


The bowl grater easily and efficiently grates vegetables, fruit and hard cheeses directly and neatly into a container or bowl. The grater with its extra coarse blade has been created to sit comfortably across any round bowl (up to 16cm in diameter). It can be placed horizontally across the surface or inside the food bowl on an angle, allowing for secure, comfortable and quick grating thanks to its two rounded and non-slip handles on both sides that are perfectly moulded to the contours of the container preventing slippage.

The photo- etched, ultra-sharp, long-lasting stainless-steel blade, effortlessly grates the toughest ingredients from apples, cabbage, cauliflower, courgettes to carrots and potatoes. The food is cut with precision without ripping or tearing, releasing the natural aroma to enhance flavour. It is the perfect tool for preparing low carb recipes like cauliflower rice. The extra coarse blade creates a larger texture so is also ideal for raw vegetable salads and coleslaws as well as dishes such as frittatas and vegetable gratins. It is also perfect for helping make flaky pastry, just remember to chill the butter before grating!

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