Ribbon Blade

Grating Result:

The Ribbon blade is designed to grate in both directions allowing a natural back and forth movement. The Ribbon Blade Style creates medium thin-bride ‘strips’- a similar texture to the shaver just a bit finer and thinner.

Foods & Recipes:

It is ideal for everything that needs to have more texture like zucchini, hard cheese or cabbage. It is perfect for grating hard and soft cheeses for omelettes, soufflés, gratins and other savory delights, as well as onions and potatoes for hash browns or grate nuts onto muffin batter. The versatile blade can also tackle hard foods such as chocolate, as well as root vegetables like carrots and radishes for vitamin-packed salads and slaws.

This blade style is available in the following series:

Master- , Gourmet- , Professional- and Home-Series

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