In the world literature ginger is mentioned as a remedy for infections. This miraculous panacea is rich in fiber and vitamin C, and therefore very healthy. In addition, ginger is very spicy in taste and depending on the dosage, used as a natural flavor enhancer. Here are a few ideas on how to use ginger in the kitchen.

If you grate ginger with the zester, the fine or the star blade, it gets a soft, moist consistency and dissolves completely in dressings, sauces, marinades or soups. What remains is, depending on the amount, a unique sharpness in flavor which is a wonderful seasoning for many dishes.

When grating the ginger with the coarse blade, the texture is slightly stronger and is great for smoothies, homemade ginger lemon soda or freshly brewed ginger tea.

Did you know that you cannot only use ginger fresh but it can also be frozen and then grated? Fibers are maintained, it is easier to grate and the shelf life is extended. The flavor unfolds when cooking just as with fresh ginger.

You can also grate the fresh and the frozen ginger with our ribbon and extra coarse blade for bigger ginger pieces, use those in chutneys, curries, jams, or make stews or Asian dishes to create a spicy taste experience.