The bark of the cinnamon tree is a very versatile seasoning. When the scent of cinnamon is around, Christmas is in the air, regardless of the time of year! Cinnamon cookies, gingerbread, mulled wine or cappuccino with freshly grated cinnamon is a real, delicious treat. In ancient Egypt, cinnamon was more precious than gold. Nobles were embalmed so to protect them against the bubonic plague. Even today, cinnamon is credited with many salutary properties that are supported in part by studies.

Cinnamon is not only delicious but it also gives many dishes that extra something. It also contributes to your physical health. Check out our suggestions on how to enjoy this magical spice!

With the spice or zester blade, grate fresh cinnamon to an aromatic powder that you can sprinkle over apple or plum cake. Cocktails, cappuccino, hot wine and chocolate are not only enhanced in its flavor but also made to look delicious by the finely grated cinnamon. In addition, enrich the taste of cereal, porridge, yoghurt or smoothies by the finely grated powerful spice- cinnamon.