Fine Julienne Blade

Grating Result:

The Fine Julienne Blade creates very fine Julienne strips of carrots, celery roots, zucchinis, apples, pears, potatoes, beetroot, radishes, or cucumbers. They look slightly finer and thinner than the classic julienne strips. This blade is ideally for all sorts of vegetables and fruits.

Foods & Dishes:

The fine julienne blade is best to use for creating any sort of salads, to refine soups or to steam vegetables in a wok. Fine julienne fruit strips can also be used to decorate desserts. Thus, use the fine julienne strips for a fresh, delicious carrot salad or any kind of fresh salad. Grate potatoes and zucchini together for special hash browns. Grate fresh apples or pear to top your breakfast porridge, muesli or smoothie bowls.

This blade style is available in the following series:


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