Potatoes come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and tastes. However, all these varieties have the following things in common: they are tasty and healthy and can be prepared in many different ways. The potato is rich in minerals, trace elements, and vitamins B and C. It is said that they even have a hypotensive effect and they are very filling. We have collected some ideas on how you can process potatoes. Be inspired!

To prepare a delicious Rösti take the extra coarse blade and grate the potatoes raw or cooked. In order to thicken sauces or goulash use the natural starch from a raw potato. For that, you could use the zester blade to create a fine grated potato result that will not make sauces lumpy.

For gratins, fried potatoes or homemade potato chips from raw potatoes, you can use our new gourmet slicer.

With the coarse blade grate raw potatoes for crispy potato pancakes or use the ribbon blade to grate a potato right into zucchini omelet.