Extra Coarse Blade

Grating Result:

The Extra Coarse blade creates large strands of grated food that are very similar to ‘julienne-strips’ but just a bit thicker and wider. When you want to highlight the taste of an individual ingredient, this would be the ideal blade style.

Foods & Dishes:

The Extra Coarse blade can tackle a host of ingredients, including soft cheese like mozzarella, as well as medium-hard cheeses, like cheddar, provolone and Swiss to use for salads, tacos, or pizza. It is perfect for making beautiful slaw from cabbage, and quickly grating root vegetables like potatoes, onions and carrots for salads, casseroles, meatloaf, au gratin, frittatas, and more. You can also use the extra Coarse blade style to grate cold butter for pastry, and easily grate fresh coconut for garnishing cakes or cupcakes.

This blade style is available in the following series:

Master- , Gourmet- , Professional- and Home-Series

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