The gorgeous orange: sun-ripened, fruity and sweet gives us not only a rich vitamin C, but also contains important minerals and fiber. From the outermost fine, slightly bitter skin over the white fiber-rich pith, to the pulp, the seeds and the savory juice, the orange is very healthy.

We have collected some suggestions on how you can make the most of working with oranges. Let yourself be inspired!

With our zester, fine or the star blade, you can create orange zest and add it to orange or chocolate cakes to enrich the flavor. As you only zest the skin and the white pith of the orange remains untouched, the zest contains no bitterness and the orange aroma is perfectly developed. In dressings, sauces, soups and orange chutney you create a special and intense flavor. You can also enrich drinks and desserts such as oranges yoghurt cream or cakes with orange zest.

As the same with lemons, you can freeze the entire fruit to benefit from the healthy elements. Given the fruit is firm, absolutely no juice is lost when grated and the entire flavor along with the minerals are preserved to create a unique flavor.

With the ribbon and extra coarse blades, you can grate larger pieces that can be used to create delicious jams or can be added to different stews.