Fine Blade

Grating Result:

The fine blade produces a very delicate, fine texture. A fine cut also produces a more intense flavor on a dish or directly on the taste’s buds due to its super-fine and rich nature. The more moist foods like ginger, cloves or chili produce a puree-like texture.

Foods & Dishes:

The Fine Blade is ideal for grating all types of citrus peel without lifting off the fruit’s bitter tasting pith. Grated citrus zest is perfect for ‘adding’ extra flavor to savory dishes, dressings, but favorably for baking. It is also the perfect blade for grating a variety of hard spices – such as nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate and Tonka beans. The spices become extra fine granules that can add subtle or robust flavors to any recipe.

This blade style is available in the following series:

Master- , Gourmet- , Professional- and Home-Series

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