The coconut, which is actually not one of the nut family, is nutritious, tasty and fun to work with. The coconut water inside the core is highly nutritional. Fresh and slightly sweet, its ingredients is like an isotonic drink. Athletes around the world swear by it. The white coconut meat contains very healthy vegetable fats and fiber that do your body good. We have collected ideas on how to make the most of working with coconut.

Only your imagination is the limit!

With the zester, fine or coarse blade you can grate the coconut in to fine flakes. This can be an excellent addition in plain yogurt or to enhance the taste of porridges or cereals. You can also transform smoothies in a true culinary delight and enhance their consistency by adding grated coconut flakes. Create a yummy strawberry coconut shake for breakfast or as a snack. You can also enrich a carrot coconut soup or a sweet savory sauce with freshly grated coconut flavor.

With the ribbon blade, you can generate broader flakes that can be used to perfectly decorate cakes or cupcakes. In addition, you can prepare a wonderful pineapple coconut chutney.

With the extra coarse blade, you can create julienne similar strips that enhance the flavor of a Thai curry or can enrich a banana coconut bread in its full taste.