Chocolate makes us happy! And indeed, chocolate is also healthy. The higher the cocoa content, the better chocolate for the body and the soul. Chocolate bars, pralines, ice chocolate, chocolate cake, candies, sauces and so much more can be made or complimented using grated chocolate. We have collected some ideas on how to use chocolate in your cooking. Be happy!

With the zester, fine and coarse blade you can grate chocolate very finely and create out of your favorite chocolate bar the magic of hot chocolate. Also you can decorate your cream cake with finest, delicious chocolate flakes.

In addition, you can intensify the flavor of soups or sauces through a bit of grated chocolate. With the ribbon blade, create wide fine shavings through which you can garnish a chocolate mousse cake.

With the extra coarse blade, produce coarser pieces that can be given in wonderful muffin or cake dough to enjoy crunchy chocolate pieces inside. With the large shaver grate wider shaves of chocolate with which you will make a black forest cake, not only appealing for the eyes but also intense for the taste buds!