Slicer Blade

Grating Result:

The slicer blade precisely cuts cucumbers, radishes,  zucchini,  potatoes, onions, pepperoni, apples and other ingredients into superbly uniform thin slices.

Foods & Dishes:

The slicer blade is ideal if you want to cut food quickly but precisely into thin slices. Whether salads, pizza toppings or garnishes, you always get uniform slices. Create healthy vegetable salads like a refreshing cucumber salad or top your salad with slices of radish to get a slightly spicy flavour note. Pizza toppings - no problem – slice and place slices of salami, mozzarella, or zucchini quickly onto the pizza dough. Slice potatoes and various vegetables for beautiful gratins. And create cocktail garnishes, healthy flavoured waters, dessert parfaits and more with slices of cucumber, oranges, lemons, or ginger.

This blade style is available in the following series:


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