Our Products

The incomparable thing about Microplane kitchen tools: They are extremely sharp. The small, razor-sharp blades cut food precisely without tearing or crushing it. This preserves and even intensifies aromas and taste. The durable Microplane cutting edges are obtained through the unique photochemical manufacturing process. With this technology, Microplane has developed a wide range of products that make cooking a real pleasure. Professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts worldwide use our revolutionary microplane graters to make kitchen work easier and are always amazed at the sharpness.

There are the following blade designs and each of them delivers the very best grating results in its category: Spice, Zester, Fine, Coarse, Ribbon, Large Shaver, Extra Coarse, Star Blade, Ultra Coarse, Slicer Blade, Julienne Slicer Blade & Fine Julienne Grater.

In order to cover the widest possible range of needs, we offer various series: Black SheepMaster, Premium Classic, Gourmet, Professional, and the Specialty Series.