Julienne Slicer

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45041 (Black)


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Product Description/Characteristics:

  • Razor - sharp stainless steel blades deliver superbly uniform, long, thin strips without ripping or tearing
  • Precisely cuts carrots, zucchini, red cabbage, potatoes, apples, pears and other ingredients with speed, ease and convenience 
  • Easy to use - slicing blade doesn't need to be adjusted or reset 
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability and flexibility whilst grating
  • Convenient cleaning: Simply rinse under running water and allow to drip dry
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy storage: reusable protective cover (not dishwasher safe)
  • Measurements: 31,5 cm x 7,8 cm x 3,00 cm
  • Exact grating surface: 12.6 cm x 6 cm
  • 10 different blade styles available in this series

Compact, simple and effective, the Microplane Gourmet Julienne Slicer delivers superbly uniform Julienne sticks of vegetables or fruits with minimal effort!  
With no pressure, ingredients slide quickly and easily from the blade without shredding or blocking to produce perfect results every time.
With a perfectly set ultra-sharp blade that doesn’t need to be adjusted or reset, the new Julienne Slicer is ideal for use with cabbage and carrot to whip up a nutrient-rich, tasty coleslaw in moments. Slice celery, courgette, apple, pears and beetroot to create beautiful, colourful salads, crudités and stir fries as well as elegant gourmet decorations for soups and desserts. In addition, do not forget perfect Julienned potatoes, deep-fried in seconds, to make a delicious crispy savoury snack.
The ergonomic soft touch- handle provides comfort and the non-slip rubber feet add stability and flexibility whilst grating. 

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