Ribbon Grater

Product No:

38002 (Stainless Steel)


Perfect for:


Product Description/Characteristics:

  • Photo-etched, long-lasting, ultra sharp, stainless steel blade- Made in USA
  • Crafted entirely from surgical grade, stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability and flexibility whilst grating
  • Convenient cleaning: Simply rinse under running water and allow to drip dry
  • Also dishwasher safe
  • Easy storage: reusable protective cover (not dishwasher safe)
  • Measurements: 31.2 cm x 7.5 cm x 3.00 cm
  • Exact grating surface: 12.6 cm x 6 cm
  • Five unique blade styles available in this series

The Microplane Professional Series impresses with elegance and simplistic design. Made from pure stainless steel and, as all other Microplane products, characterized by the superior photo-etched blade - Made in USA – delivering precisely cut food without crushing. Aroma and flavor are guaranteed through the precise cutting technology.

The ribbon blade produces a fine, long grating result. The efficiency of this blade is increased by the fact that the food grates easily back and forth.

With the razor-sharp blades, cut apples, potato, carrot, garlic, coconuts, chocolate, onions, hard and soft cheese, zucchini and much more quickly and precisely.

Grate efficiently and effortlessly due to the wide cutting surface according to your specific needs.

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