The beautiful yellow fruit with a bitter outer skin and acidic juice can be enjoyed in all sorts of foods and drinks. Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, minerals and fiber, lemons are also very healthy. By consuming the seeds, the pulp, juice, the white pith and the yellow skin you do yourself and your body the very best.

We have collected some suggestions on how you can make the most of working with lemons. Let yourself be inspired!

With our zester, fine or the star blade, create lemon zest and make the perfect lemon tart. As you only zest the tart outer skin and the white pith of the lemon remains untouched, the zest contains no bitterness and the lemon aroma is perfectly developed.

Enhance the taste of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits or pies. Create lemon risotto or spaghetti al limone and enrich dressings, sauces, chutneys, soups with a flavorful lemon zest.

Did you know that you can freeze lemons and grate the entire lemon completely? You then have the robust bitter taste of the white pith, the flesh and the seeds. The healthy ingredients are good for the body and enrich the taste of Irish stews and osso buco. You can also create delicious lemon marmalade that includes coarse lemon pieces. These pieces can be grated with the ribbon or extra coarse blades.