Photo-Etching Technology

Microplane's signature Photo-Etching Technology:

Microplane® graters have distinguished themselves from other graters by using an original chemical process, perfected in over 50 years’ experience, to create long-lasting, ultra-sharp cutting edges.

How does photo-etching work

Microplane puts a photosensitive resist film onto first-rate stainless steel sheets to mask and protect certain areas. Then, a photographic image of the blade is exposed on the film that shows the exact shape and size of the teeth. A special Ferric Chloride solution is sprayed on the sheets and dissolves the exposed parts that were left unprotected by the resist to form Microplane’s perfectly shaped and ultra-sharp cutting edges.

Once the edge is formed, timing is crucial as the etching bath continues to attack the weakest point (the cutting edge). This is where our signature “Single Sided” etching has a tremendous advantage.

In the final manufacturing process, the teeth are pushed up to create a perfect cutting angle in which one can grate a variety of foods effortlessly.

Unlike stamped graters or double-sided etched graters, Microplane single sided etched, ultra-sharp teeth, behave like extremely sharp knives to cut ingredients with precision rather than tearing or shredding. The blade ensures that food does not stick or block, but instead without much pressure and any effort, gently slides along the cutting surface to produce perfect results every time.