Lemon-turmeric cauliflower rice with tahini yoghurt dip and halloumi



Grate the cauliflower into a bowl using the Microplane Bowl Grater - extra coarse blade.

Heat the coconut oil.

Finely grate the garlic cloves with the Zester blade and sauté in the heated coconut oil.

Snap two stalks of lemongrass and add them to the pan.

Cut the dates into fine strips.

Add the cauliflower, dates and lime leaves and fry everything together.

Deglaze with half a cup of water and cook for a maximum of 3-5 minutes.

The cauliflower should still be quite firm/ al dente.

Season with salt, pepper, turmeric, and freshly grated nutmeg.

Set aside to rest.

Roughly chop the coriander and mix it into the lukewarm cauliflower rice.

Remove the lemongrass and lime leaves.

Dice the halloumi cheese, season with salt and pepper and fry in coconut oil.  Set aside.

Mix all the ingredients together. Put the cauliflower in a bowl.

Top with halloumi cheese and a tablespoon of tahini dip.

Garnish with coriander leaves.

Recommended to eat lukewarm.