Cheese Mill

Product Number: 48907 (Black / Stainless Steel)

Product Description/Characteristics:

  • Photo-etched, long-lasting, ultra-sharp, stainless steel blade- Made in USA
  • 2 interchangeable blades: Fine and Coarse
  • Simple twist of the wrist activates cutting blade
  • Removable top to easily load cheese
  • Ergonomic soft touch- handle for comfort
  • Includes Lid for convenient storage
  • Measurements: 19 cm x 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm
  • Convenient cleaning: Simply rinse under running water and allow to drip dry
  • Also dishwasher safe

The Microplane cheese mill, with its modern design, brings variety and functionality to your table.

Two photo-etched, ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, coarse and fine - Made in USA - are available for selection.

Easily and efficiently, grate cheese directly over the dish enhancing every pasta dish, salads and many others to enjoy.

Whether in the kitchen or as an accessory at the table - your hands remain clean.

To use, remove the Cheese Mill’s top and place a generous size chunk of hard cheese in the container. Place the top back on and simply twist to activate the grating blade on the bottom of the mill. Immediately perfectly grated cheese flakes cover your dish.

For added safety and convenience, the Cheese Mill includes a lid to store blades while not in use or to prevent cheese flakes from being left on the table.

Modern design and flexible application!

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