How to

Care & Handing Tips

Grating with minimal effort

  • Due to the sharpness of the blades, food slides gently, without any pressure, over the surface.

Cleaning made easy

  • Straight after using the grater, tap off the food of the blades. Then simply rinse under water after use and drip dry

Flexible, secure and stable usage

  • Each of our graters are equipped with non-slip rubber feet. This allows you to safely maintain the proper angle for you whilst grating food, enabling safe grating on trays, in bowls and on different surfaces
  • Stability is guaranteed with the rubber foot

Dosing & grating made easy for kids

  • Simply take the food in your hand and gently slide along with the ultra-sharp blades (blades away from you). The grated food is then captured on the backside of the grater to allow for better metering and ensures children do not come in contact with the sharp blades.
  • Particularly suitable for cheese, nuts and citrus peel

Secure Storage

  • Each Microplane product is equipped with a protective cover. When stored in a drawer, simply slide the cover over the grater and fingers are protected from the sharp blades.
  • The cover ensures blades maintain sharpness over a long period

Guarantee a long life of the blades

  • Grate without placing force on the blade
  • Hand wash rather than dishwasher
  • Use the supplied protective covers

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